Poems & Interviews

Poems available online:

“Duende with Poppies,” The Adroit Journal

“Our Bodies Stood Like Houses” Rogue Agent Journal

“Bozza Imperfetta of Sight” Four Way Review

“Prayer for No Country” Four Way Review

“Home, First Winter,” Dialogist

“The Lesson,” Verse Daily (originally printed in Beloit Poetry Journal)

“Legend,” Poem-a-Day, Academy of American Poets

“Invitation,” Valparaiso Poetry Review

“Love letter to a Stranger, with Rain,” Los Angeles Review

“To the Stranger Up North,” Los Angeles Review

“The Visit,” Los Angeles Review

“Mechanics of Early Autumn,” Verse Daily


“Helena Mesa Reads ‘Winter Stars’ by Larry Levis.” Conversation with Jessica Hudgins for the Lyric Essentials column. Sundress Publications. December 5, 2018.

“Above All, Time: A Conversation with Beth Bachmann.” Interview with Bachmann about CEASE. The Rumpus. Interview conducted with Blas Falconer. October 10, 2018.

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